Windows 10, An Update

From all the research I have done, Microsoft isn't going to be making any newer versions of Windows 10. They are going to be just adding and enhancing the features within windows. They are doing this for a couple of reasons.

  1. They can cut down on the support time and not have the usual regular support and extended support cycles. This way they don't have to dedicate resources to support older versions of Windows.
  2. They also have complete and total control over your hardware. So, if a manufacturer of hardware has cast a piece of hardware (graphics card, card reader, Motherboard) or whatever else, Microsoft won't allow PC's to get the newest update. So, you will be forced to get a new computer that has supported and updated hardware.

This here has ramifications for I.T. shops since they can't be refurbished and be put back into circulation. So, more computers for the landfill. Microsoft also has the ability to deep hardware too old to support and that machine won't get any newer updates. Again, you will be forced to buy a new machine. This is great for computer manufacturers but horrible for the customer as they will be forced to upgrade.

Now, Microsoft could change their minds and come out with Windows 11 but, I haven't seen anything that says that they will. If you do find anything to the contrary, please post it in the comments below. If anything does change, I will post it here.