Selecting an IT Pro

Written by Chris Stevenson

As with contractors, be careful who you take your computer to so you don't get screwed over. Here are some tips on picking a shop that does quality work for a fair price.


  1. Get bids for the work you need and listen carefully to what the technician is telling you. If you hear buzz words such as "your motherboard is toast" or "Your hard drive has failed" is big-ticket items. Have them show you proof of their testing or diagnostics. If they can't or won't. Don't walk, run away as fast as you can.


  1. Ask them if they are a CompTIA A+ shop. Or, if any of their technicians are CompTIA A+ certified. If they pause or give you a deer in the headlights look.. Run!! Don't walk. Just because someone is good a video games, doesn't mean they should have their hands in a case or taking apart a laptop.


  1. Check Google reviews. If all you see is glowing reviews, they were probably written by employees. No matter how good any technician is, there are some people out there who can't be made happy if you hung them with a new silk rope. What you want to look for is interaction between the company and unsatisfied customers. Did the company try to make it right or reach out to them in any way?


4. Can the technician explain the problem without using technical jargon? As Albert Einstein once said, if you can't take the most complex thing and boil it down so a 5yr old can understand it,         they don't understand it well themselves. There are techs out there who will baffle you will jargon so as to intimidate.