Responsible Facebook Surfing

By geekssite48324355, May 12 2017 02:29PM Facebook is a great way to keep up with friends and acquaintances. Unfortunately, there are bad people lurking in the shadows. They are waiting to steal your identity, your data or worse. There are a few basic things that you can do to stay safe. 1. Avoid those games […]

Replacing Technology

By geekssite48324355, May 11 2017 11:42PM The pace of new technology is breathtaking. Every day something new is being introduced. With new technology, there is always a push to upgrade. But when it comes to technology, our mantra here at Geek Central is “don’t replace until you have to.” The only time a person or […]

Hard Drives: The Untold Story

By geekssite48324355, May 10 2017 09:09PM Hard drives are the main storage area of most computers. If were to open up the metal case of a traditional hard drive, what you will see are disks on top of one another. The hard drive works much like an old record player. It has an arm that […]

Staying Safe While Traveling, A Few Steps

By geekssite48324355, May 9 2017 12:00AM If you do a lot of traveling, it can sometimes be difficult to protect your personal security. Here are a few useful tips that may keep you from having your information compromised. 1. Do not use the shared cell phone chargers at the airport. This is an easy way […]


By geekssite48324355, May 9 2017 05:03PM If you receive a pop-up telling you to call a 1-800 number because your computer is infected, don’t. Instead turn off your computer immediately. Restart it. If the message persists, take it to your local IT shop. Under no circumstances should you call the number. Once you let them […]


By geekssite48324355, May 5 2017 11:12PM If a message pops up on your computer telling you that Microsoft has detected a virus, restart the computer immediately. Do not call the 1-800 number listed on the screen. These are scammers. Once remoted into your computer, they now have the power over your information. We have seen […]

The Peel Remote: A New Discovery

By geekssite48324355, May 4 2017 07:34PM We here at Geeks@Site recently discovered the Peel Remote. It is a TV remote smart phone app for Google and Android. It can turn on the TV, gives a preview of what is playing on each channel and can switch between various TV inputs. (The TV, DVD, Roku, etc.) […]

Virus Removal: Aftercare Instructions

By geekssite48324355, Feb 11 2017 09:27PM After taking your computer home after having all of the viruses and malware removed, we recommend taking the following steps: 1. Run Malwarebytes once a week. This keeps malware from completely controlling your computer. 2. Watch where you go online. Not all websites are safe. 3. Watch what you […]

End of Support for Windows VISTA

By geekssite48324355, Jan 19 2017 09:27PM Extended Support for Vista will end on April 11th, 2017. This means that Windows VISTA will no longer receive software and security updates from Microsoft. If you are still running a VISTA machine, it is definitely time to upgrade.